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Mark 15:1-46

Jesus chose to go to the cross - to be beaten and spat upon and to be separated from the Father - even though He didn't have to. The question is: why did He do it? Also learn when it's right to speak up and when to remain silent.

Mark 16:1-20

Have you ever felt that doing things for God is impossible and if you fail you've fouled up God's plan? This message will encourage you to step out, even if you fail.

Mark 1:1-13

In a world held captive by an evil enemy, Jesus Christ comes rushing in like a super hero to do battle with evil and rescue us from the tyrant of sin. In this introduction to the gospel of Mark we learn who is behind the stories and some amazing things about its author.

Mark 1:14-34

Wanting to do something and actually being able to do it are two entirely different things. Jesus may have been introduced as the ultimate action hero but without action it\'s just a good sound bite. In this study the hero demonstrates His authority and ability to do anything.

Mark 1:35-45

Every super hero has a secret strength and a hidden vulnerability. Jesus, the only real superhero, has a strength to help guide Him in every situation and a vulnerability that each of us should possess.

Mark 2:1-17

In Mark 2 we meet two outcasts: a paralyzed man and Levi. Each had a decision to make that mirrors decisions that we as humans must make as well with the presence of Jesus.

Mark 2:18-3:6

When it comes to living life which rules you, law or love? Jesus brought this into sharp focus when it came to healing on the Sabbath and it brings us to confront just who is actually Lord of our lives.

Mark 3:7-35

When the religious authorities fail in their attempt to trip up Jesus with the Scriptures they descend to character assassination. They come dangerously close to eternal separation from God. How can that happen?

Mark 4:1-20

How open are you to the words of Jesus? Many of us are so hardened that His words bounce off, for others the past, present and future make our minds unable to process His thoughts. Today we examine the pliability of our minds.

Mark 4:21-41

What happens after you hear the words of Jesus? Is your life different? Today as we study Mark\'s gospel we see how the Lord gives the disciples an opportunity to test how much the words of Jesus became life in them.

Mark 5:1-20

As humans we have been taken prisoner by a strong opponent who wants nothing but to destroy us. We see this captivity and torture revealed graphically as Jesus takes on not one but thousands of demons at once. It is a powerful picture of how our ultimate action hero sets us free. But the question is, how will you react to the presence of a truly stronger hero?

Mark 5:21-34

Many times the things that affect us the most are inside, beyond our ability to reach and heal. Such was the case with the woman we meet in this study. How she approached Jesus and what He did in response speaks to how we desire to be healed of infirmity we cannot see.

Mark 5:21-43

Jesus challenges us by not showing up when we think He should or answering prayers in the way we think. He also challenges us to go deeper than we ever have in our trust. What will be your answer when he challenges you to trust Him no matter what?

Mark 6:1-31

So what do you think of Jesus? You\'ve heard about Him from the culture and even from the church but is that really Jesus? Some people are afraid of sharing their faith knowing the possible rejection they\'ll receive - so is it worth it?

Mark 6:32-52

Sometimes in our zeal of serving God we begin to take the reigns and can actually not really trust and rely on Jesus for the very work He has called us to.

Mark 6:53-7:23

The saying \"It\'s all in your head\" is truer than we would like to admit. What can start out as something done with good intentions can lead us very far astray save for one crucial ingredient: God\'s Word.

Mark 7:23-8:21

What is the real nature of faith? We often think it is blind trust in Jesus to give us what we ask for. In reality faith means a transformation of how you think of life, needs, and your relationship with Jesus.

Mark 8:22-33

Jesus asks a crucial question of His disciples - a question that every single person in all of creation and all of history must answer. How you answer may be influenced by a crucial lack in your life - a lack Jesus can uncover.

Mark 8:34-9:13

Probably one of the most common questions people have when evaluating Christianity is: \"Why should I follow Jesus Christ?\" He made a lot of claims, and might even have come back from the dead, but so what? In Mark 8 and 9 we see the two reasons why you should feel comfortable placing your life in His hands.

Mark 9:14-37

Face it, we humans like to be in charge of ourselves and as many others as we can. Though we aren\'t all power mongers, this default human behavior causes major problems when we see how God\'s universe really operates. The lesson comes home in this portion of Mark 9.


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