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Judges 1:1-36

The Children of Israel begin the period of the Judges well, but begin to neglect their relationship with God and this led to defeat, much as the Christian who does not nurture that relationship will exist in the weakened flesh.

Judges 1:21-36

Two things dragged down Israel as they tried to live in the Promised Land, and the same two things can trip us up as we try to live life with Christ. Learn what they are and how to defeat them.

Judges 2

In one of the saddest chapters of the Bible, Israel first neglects, then abandons their relationship with Yahweh. Through it all, though He remains faithful to them and stands ready to help when they cry out, just like with us. \r\n

Judges 3

Do you ever feel unqualified or disabled when it comes to serving God? Learn from how God used a left handed man and someone with just a stick to win victory. If God can use them He can use you!

Judges 3:12-31

Shamgar and Ehud both had handicaps but stepped up and served anyway. Learn how God can work with us no matter what holds us back through special weapons and tactics.

Judges 4-5

Which matters most to you - doing the job or getting the credit? That's what Barak faces in a battle against Israel's enemies. He makes the right choice - do we? Also - letting God do a complete work of healing in our lives.

Judges 4

Learn how God speaks to the Christian and how we can respond and be a part of the action by learning how He worked with Barak.

Judges 6

Have you been afraid that your lack of skills, background, or ability to hear God disqualifies you for service? Learn how God worked with a timid man and turned him into a hero.

Judges 6:40-46

Gideon put a fleece before the Lord. Does that mean we as Christians should do the same thing? Learn about finding God's will in your life.

Judges 7

God strips away from Gideon everything he had confidence in so that Gideon will have confidence in God. Learn the basis of humility and how God works it in us.\r\n

Judges 8-9

Gideon shunned position but kept power, his son Abimelech had position but not power as both were ruled by the flesh and from the flesh reaped corruption. Learn how we can fall prey to that as Christians and how to avoid it.

Judges 8-9

Gideon and his son both struggled with position and power. They can do real harm to the Christian unless done in the context of Jesus Christ. How to be transformed into one who acts like Jesus is the key.

Judges 10

If you have ever found yourself enticed by sin once then unable to stop once you gave in, then listen to this message as God shows Israel what they need to do in order for God to rescue them. \r\n

Judges 10:10-16

What is the difference between true repentance and false? We learn from the example of Israel what it means to repent and how good it is for your life.

Judges 11-12

How does an outcast rebel outlaw end up in the hall of faith and did Jephthah really sacrifice his daughter?\r\n

Judges 13

Samson had everything going for him: supportive, godly parents, a good home environment, and blessing from God. So why did he decide to walk a path of selfishness and what does that say to us?

Judges 13

Why did Samson have a lifelong Nazirite vow, who else had it and what is the significance to Jesus and the Christian today? A thought provoking study.

Judges 14

How close to the world can you get without getting into trouble? Samson finds out and the results are less than pleasant. Learn about how to keep your purpose pure as you live in the world as a Christian.

Judges 15-16

What happened to Samson that brought him back to the Lord and what was his real source of strength. How does that relate to our own strengths in the hands of God?

Judges 14-16

Samson lived almost his whole life giving into the flesh. Yet the Spirit of God still worked through him and in the end rescued him from himself. If you struggle with fleshly desires you need to listen to this study.


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