Growth Groups


Growth Groups are a way to create significant relationships with other Christians and are a major focus of our ministry. Our Growth Groups are sermon-based. You join with up to 12 people per group, meeting each week to discuss the sermon from last Sunday and go deeper into the Word. You will also learn about each other, pray for one another, and support one another. Growth Groups are like little churches.

What does a Growth Group Meeting look like? We spend a few minutes just chatting, we share prayer requests and praise reports, then get into the Word. Each Sunday's we make available in the back an insert that has questions broken up into these areas: Getting Started, Into the Bible, and Digging Deeper.

Preparing is fairly simple. You come Sunday and listen to the message, or listen/watch online. It takes less than a half hour to answer the questions - and not all groups will get to all of the questions.

Finally we join for a few minutes of prayer.

That's it - nothing fancy but something vitally important to body life and growth as believers. You will bond with the members of your Growth Group and see growth in yourself as well as others in your group.

To find out more, talk to one of our Growth Group Leaders, Ron Rilee (Thursdays at 6:30 at Ron's house in Newberg - 3714 Vittoria Way), Roger & Lindy Wilson (every other week at their home in Lafayette) or send us an email to the church from the Contact Us link at the top. Check out the church calendar for more details.


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